Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching


Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching: Connecting Mind, Brain, and Education Research to Classroom Practice

“The title promises ideas for effective teaching, and the book delivers on this promise, in clear, compelling, and believable prose. This is a book for educators, for policymakers, for parents, and even for presidents.”
– From the Foreword by Robert Calfee, Stanford University

As the Common Core State Standards aim to align educational outcomes with college and work expectations in the 21st century, the goal of teaching expands from a basic transmission of facts to the development of cognitive skills that equip students to achieve more of their unique potential.

This seminal book focuses on five essential and interrelated concepts from mind, brain, and education research that should underlie key teaching decisions.


Core concepts explored in this exciting new book:

Neuroplasticity, understanding that the structure and function of the brain change in response to learning.
Potential, the capacity for all students to make learning gains.
Malleable intelligence, which stands in opposition to traditional views of fixed intellect.
The Body-Brain System, the role of movement, physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and positive emotions in facilitating learning.
Metacognition, explicit instruction on the use of cognitive strategies to guide students to “think about their thinking” with the aim of improving learning.

To support classroom implementation, we offer a wealth of vignettes, examples, teaching strategies, reflective questions, and connections between current research on how people learn and classroom practice. The text concludes by unmasking myths and misconceptions that may obscure these core concepts and promoting active participation in formal and informal professional learning communities to hone teaching practice throughout one’s career.

Here’s what other educators are saying about Five Big Ideas:

“This is an interdisciplinary book like no other currently in publication. The bridge to practice is articulated clearly, setting the stage for a new paradigm in teacher education and how we consider learning.”
– Deborah Schussler, Villanova University

“In their most interesting and instructive book, the authors appear to me as guides leading readers on a fascinating journey of discovery.”
– Reuven Feuerstein, Cognitive Psychologist, International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential

“A must-read at every level for the 21st century educator. Every school of education should make it mandatory reading, and Deans should hop on board and make it a required roundtable text for their faculties.”
– Douglas Stewart, O’More College

“Given the new core standards, topics in the book are just what teachers need.”
– Debby Zambo, Arizona State University

“This book will be a welcome and important supplement to any traditional educational psychology text.”
– Linda Rittner, University of Central Oklahoma

From Teachers College Press, April 2013
Paperback, 196 pages
ISBN-10: 0807754250

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