My vision is that all youth will have access to an effective education that equips them with the confidence and competencies they will need to achieve the personal goals they set for themselves and to flourish in the 21st century. Current scientific understandings about the human brain suggest that virtually all students who enter school have the potential to succeed through secondary school and to learn and improve their skills over their lifetimes. In fact, we now know that learning changes the structure and function of the brain.

These findings can help set aside persistent myths about fixed intellect and “natural ability” in favor of the belief that all people can make the most of their capacity to succeed if they are willing to do the hard work required to do so. This inspiring conceptualization of human potential drives my work in teacher education and professional development for teachers and administrators. The core of my work is sharing current research and knowledge with educators and teaching them the best teaching strategies to promote greater student learning.


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